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Wednesday, November 05, 2003



The beauty of simplicity. I do not know why I keep coming back to look at this photo and hoping to find something that is not there, or at least not visible to me at this moment. Eerie!


I used to trip a lot on noon kips at our old house that had these.... little did I realise how important it is to hot tropical homes like ones we used to have... these days most corners like these are filled with your favorite air con machine... stuff more bacterias up our lungs - go' ahead, do humankind some favours...


Its your wave


Besides Zen, the forex market also holds nuggets of Indian philosophy ... This method can be likened to the Gyan Marg as it deals with cause and effect.


The secret of instant health

Alberti-Flor JJ, Hernandez ME, Ferrer JP, Howell S, Jeffers L. Fulminant liver failure and pancreatitis associated with the use of ...
Liver failure is severe deterioration of liver function. Liver failure occurs when a large portion of the liver is damaged due to any type of liver disorder ...

Little known ways to make you healthy!


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However, so far not been able to find out who was the person with whom started a worldwide AIDS epidemic.The team of scientists from the University of Tucson (Arizona, USA) studied blood samples of 117 HIV-positive and amounted to "a detailed tree" strain of HIV-1 group M subtype B, which mainly suffering population of developed countries. It appeared that the human immunodeficiency virus strain was first brought to Haiti in 1969, the most likely one person, scientists claim. Information on the territorial origin of the virus would help in treating AIDS.Scientists are continuing their studies, and has already managed to establish that the virus directly in Haiti came from Congo (Africa) at approximately 1966. That year they worked Haitian workers.Recall that earlier researchers from the University of Texas concluded that when choosing a partner woman primarily takes into account four main factors: a good set of genes, the level of financial wealth, parental quality.


Friday, June 27, was the last day of work in Microsoft Corporation founder Bill Gates. Monday, June 30, was the last day, when partners received copies of Microsoft operating system Windows XP, created seven years ago. Microsoft is planning to stop supplying Windows XP as early as January 2008. The more so that the operating system Windows Vista, which, on the idea were to move users XP, has been on sale in late 2006 years.落 Vista many disliked.Microsoft under pressure from computer manufacturers extended the deadline for the end of your Windows XP operating system until the end of June 2008. Postponement of Microsoft Corporation Hour XP at the end of June did not crush XP. They appealed to the leadership of the corporation in the project Save XP with the request "not to kill Windows XP". As of June 27, 2008 petition signed by the relevant more than 210 thousand people.


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American scientists found that components of watermelon have on blood vessels same effect as the drug "Viagra". Antioxidants litsopen, beta carotene and tsitrullin found in watermelon is no worse than usual "chemistry", - confident researchers.Miracle watermelon due to the effect that it used tsitrullin transformed into amino acids arginine, which promotes blood circulation. Arginine increases Nitric oxide - a substance conducive to relax and allowing the vessel to normalize sexual function.Arginine increases Nitric oxide - a substance conducive to relax and allowing the vessel to normalize sexual function. In addition to increasing libido watermelon is good that supports the proper operation of the heart, immune system, displays the toxins from the body.Thanks to the content of watermelon litsopena favorably acts on the heart, prostate and skin. A new study is likely to increase the sales of watermelons and reduce the popularity of "Viagra". Although… Men easier to bring to visit the packaging of tablets tha
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Is there a friendship between a man and a woman? I think every asked myself this question. I was confident that exists. After all, I had you, the loyal and reliable friend. And despite the fact that you saw only once, daily telephone conversations, we replaced the meeting. We knew each other absolutely everything, can talk for hours on various topics, often flirtovali and sometimes in your words heard notes jealousy.And even our second halves could not forbid us to communicate. You say that this is fate and our acquaintance on the phone was not accidental. You lived in a nearby town, and several months after dating, we did decide to meet. Brodie all night through the city, chat, kiss. I do not know why we have not decided on any relationship. We just thought that we better stay friends, and almost two years, this was indeed the case.


That is not correct goodbye girls, bad - does not apply. You can feel free to scratch her lover, leaving the strip across the back, called the bad boy. Most importantly - do not offend each other and get pleasure from the process, rather than anger and pain throughout the body morning. Wake a poor girl - is useful and even vital. To release the pair on a bed and lovingly "warmed" your relationship. Good luck, bad girl, and not much shawls!Any man dreams at least once a slave be related master hands and legs.To saddle his "stallions" and brought it to exhaustion.Such passion excites men get to any other.When the correct technique will cry from the man and objects from escaping ... has not yet been received.


Audience sites targeted exclusively at women, for 2007 grew by 35%. This category is one of the fastest growing and promising to advertisers on the Net, analysts believe. One of the most popular blogs in the Women's Network is http://sharemuta.blogspot.com/, whose audience is about 10 thousand users. Traditionally, women are considered such topics as fashion, beauty, health, cooking and sex.Women constitute over half the population of the Earth and commit more of all purchases. Therefore, we are constantly looking for new sites for this type of investment.The popularity of women's sites grew in 2007 by 35%, according to new record research company comScore. In July 2008, this kind of resources was visited 84 million people - 27% higher than for the same in 2007.Women's sites, according to ComScore, growing faster all the other thematic segments internet, exceeded only by resources on policies.Being beautiful want at any age. And this is not so difficult as it seems - you need only know what cosmetics are appr
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Do smokers girls twice increased risk of insult, compared to women smokers. At the same time, women smokers in large quantities, this risk is increased nine times.


Mark Twain said, "Quitting smoking is easy. I've done it a thousand times."
Zyban (Bupropion) is an antidepressant and indicated as an aid to smoking cessation treatment.


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Tasks diet:

- Providing the body with all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals.
- Restriction of entry into the body of products that could disrupt the function of an organ.




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Holla and Happy Thanksgiving.


The god loves you!


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