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Saturday, October 23, 2004



A friend of mine has discovered the same thing. The signal comes and goes depending on where he is in his apartment, but it's there nonetheless. Lucky!


hahaha.. nice to hear i'm not the only one doing..err.. such unethical work :P kekekeek

Cheers!!! :D


Thats bad but tried it out sometime back and would you believe it from my car - however, I won't say where.

hrh princess L

yep, same thing happenned to me... but it's unstable...

btw, BOOooooHH!! happy halloween

p.s. tengku shahrizan, where have u been missing?


your blog and photblog caught my eye. will be returning soon.


Hey..you've updated! Somehow it doesn't show on bloglines, or did I miss out your URL in my subscription? *pening*

Anyway..I've got not much to say on leeching, except that it sounds very cost effective! I do want to wish you Selamat Hari RAya - it'd be your first Raya as a married man, right? Might feel strange at first...oh yeah, don't expect any more ang pows...:-D

Sharizal Shaarani

update update!!


Oitt pakcik. Leeching too much till u forgot to update??? Or still no net from ur place???

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