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Monday, August 09, 2004



Dude, if you're really contemplating building a gaming rig, bear this in mind. Doom 3 was designed for nextgen PCs, meaning even the one you listed here will just meet the minimum specs. Here's some info from HardOCP:


They have an excellent writeup on the minimum specs and recommended ones for Doom 3. Hell, I just found out there's a setting in the game called "Ultimate" for PCs that haven't even been made yet! So in a sense, by the time your ultimate rig is ready and running Doom 3, there'll be other games using the engine that will require even more PC power.

I think you know where I lean with this one. A lappie gives you mobility and some on the go gaming (perhaps not Doom 3 but close), but in the end it's your choice..so happy shopping!


Yeah bro... the ultimate setting would require the video card to have at least 512Mb RAM!!
That alone, if exist today would cost 5k!



Will go for the gaming machine if I were you! We're talking about d game (Doom 3), aren't we?


1 GIG memory???? Damn, forget it then...I download way too many videos to accomodate a heavy duty game like taht...heard it's good though

rocket queen machine

I'd say the gaming machine. You KNOW you want it.


Indulge yourself. Get a gaming machine!

Sharizal Shaarani

I'd drop dooom3 like you're gonna have time to play it anyway... :p


Drop Doom 3 at the moment.

Get a lap dog, oh I mean laptop.

And play Hitman 3 : Contracts instead. Even for a game, I now know how hard it is to be a hitman.

p/s : ignore me because I prefer killing humans than aliens.

supra for boy

I'd be interested in hearing. The TOS seems rather clear that it is not unless expressly approved by Amazon. I guess if the library got it in writing then they would be ok.

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