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Friday, July 23, 2004



a "how to" recipe for relationships would be like a "how to screw it up" recipe huh?


Big day next week! Good Luck.


Let me share with you the Learning cycle from Charles Handy:
First, we ask question.Then look for the probable answer.After that we do it.Then we ponder upon it(ponder means think and reflect).Then the cycle begins again.

Most of us did not learn from our mistakes(that is why history repeats itself) is because we seldom ponder.


Is there a possibility we make a mistake if we did somemething for a first time? If the answer yes, good try but it is not. Mistake is a repeated failure we did. Don't afraid to try.But if failure happened, dont afraid to make a mistake because we will learn from it.


This is an interesting thought I can reflect on. I'm not getting anywhere either when it comes to relationships - so, all the best, to both of us. I hope you don't mind if I pluck a leaf out of your blog for my blog. Coincidentally, it's called Random Thots, too.

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