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Friday, June 18, 2004



We all ask that question. Few ever found the answers. It's just about finding a certain balance in who you are and what you are in the first place.

We all belong in our bodies. Just that...do we do what our bodies cry out for...that's the question.


Kind of takes the 'nature v. nurture' argument a step further. How much of who we are is our soul, and how much is influenced by the shell we're given?


Your soul was not born yesterday, but before the annals of time as you think of time. In your terms, you are its most latest addition.

You are a part of the whole soul, but not yet aware of the greater portions of yourself. The characteristics that were yours at birth were yours for a reason.

The inner self chose them. The inner self can even now alter many of them. You did not arrive at birth without a history. Your individuality was always latent within your soul.

The pattern that is you is written first of all in the psyche, and is then faithfully decoded in your genes and chromosomes.

Your you is expressed in flesh, but came first from the psyche which is beyond or outside of flesh. You are awake, alert and participating in many more realities than you know, as your soul expresses itself through you.

You are a living picture in flesh of yourself or soul. You project what you think you are outward into flesh.


But what is soul anyway?

Some say we are born with a soul. Some say we are born without a soul but we earn it throughout our lives. No one even knows for sure what a soul really is except for subjective interpretations.


Your soul...
It is more correct to think of the soul NOT as something you have rather, what you ARE. You frequently consider the soul as a finished thing that belongs to you but is not you.

In truth your soul is the most intimate, powerful part of your inner self and is forever changing and growing. Your soul is alive, responsive, curious and in a constant state of becoming.

The soul portion of you resides in other dimensions beyond the physical level. The soul portion of you is the most highly motivated, most highly energized, most potent consciousness unit know in any universe.

Your soul, the soul that you are, that you are a part of, that soul is a far more creative, miraculous phenomenon that you can possibly imagine.

Your soul possesses more wisdom, knowledge, information and strength than you can ever be consciously aware of.

The soul is not something waiting for you at death, nor is it something you must save or redeem. You cannot lose it. It is indestructible.

The fulfillment of the soul is not dependent upon arrivals at any points, spiritual or otherwise. Your own personality as you know it, that portion of you that you consider most precious, most uniquely you, will never be destroyed or lost.

If you maintain a limited concept of the soul, then you cannot take advantage of its many abilities that are your own, and to some extent you cut yourself off from the source of your own being and creativity.

The soul's abilities will continue to operate, but often in spite of what you believe rather than with your conscious cooperation.

Miss Aida

You are your soul. Your body is merely but a vessel. Your actions represent your soul.

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