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Saturday, June 26, 2004



Had some really bad experiences with "Trust" in the past. I guess these experiences made me a more "World wise" person. I am now in a postition where a lot of people put their trust in me and I alwsys try to remember that gaining and maintaining the trust is much harder than losing it.


Yah dude trust no one especially our own self. :)


This is something I was IM-ing with Najah about today. The way I see it, our "secular" mode of thinking has neatly separated work from home, the personal from the office. Because of this, that's why we still have philandering ministers in power and forever "itchy" men with roving eyes and roving hands as CEOs of big corporations in Malaysia. We don't blink an eyelash when we hear of our Ministers simpan girlfriend sini, kahwin lain sana.

Because we think that how they are outside of the office will not affect how they make decisions for us.

But it's not true is it? Because if they can be untrue to a person who lives with them, eats with them, raise their kids with them, what's to stop them from lying to us, people they don't even see?

And how can a person keep a different set of ethics for home and for the workplace anyway?

It's time for the Malaysian public to wake up.


Hmmm.. We just have to take a chance when trusting people, I suppose.

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