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Wednesday, June 09, 2004



man i had no idea what BMW stood for til now. hahahaha... how enlightening

hrh princess L

Wat do you think of the X3?
X5 better or the Porsche cayenne?
too lazy to read the book... ;-P


Two words, Cadillac Escalade and another two words, dream on. Sigh.


hrh princess L,
If you have moolah to spend... get the X5.
X3 although it looks good, it is smaller, no power, and it will take BMW another year or two to get it refined. Cayenne vs X5, overall the X5 gets the top honors.


The porsche cayenne is a boutique SUV. Yes, it is sexy and powerful... a sure attention grabber.
Get it if you have more than enough moolah to splash... then may be i can hitch a ride from you ;)
The X5 is indeed sexy and it is practical. I agree with frodo, it is your best bet in SUV.
As for the X3, it comes in two flavours 2.5l and 3.0l and 3.0d. I dont know what frodo meant by no power as it sure have comparable engines against the competitors in its class (CRV, Airtrek, Rav4, Escape etc)


i'd go for the escalade too... with 21-inch-shine-like-crazy-chrome-rims that spins when you stop and stops when you go.... er.. you get the picture


You're right. It stands out in its class :). I was comparing it to the X5's hp in my previous comment. 335 vs 225 although the 0-6 sec test places the X3 ahead by .3 seconds. (it's lighter). So actually, that would negate my "no power" comment...hahaha...
Caddy Escalade is a pimpin' ride too. Those who is seriously thinking of buying a new BMW, should consider doing European delivery. You get to take your new car straight from the factory, and deliver it yourself to the port. And before you send it to the port, you can tour the whole of Europe if you want in your new car.


Oh yes, and the obvious and only reason to do the European delivery is you get to drive on the AutoBahn... wooohhoooo!


"Fiction fans need not apply"? LoL...terasa pulak...This reminds me I still have a book on Microsoft and Disney to finish...sigh...

Miss Aida

Does it say anywhere about the Nazis being involved in the come-uppence of Auto Bavaria?


Frodo: Aaahhh autobahn... yessss.....
Zsarina: heheh...
Miss aida: Yes... the history part is quite thorough. Kiley did mention about the nazis and BMW airplane engines and the irony of it all. Oppss I really shouldn't spoil it for you guys... go read it! :p

Oh yeah, speaking about the Porsche Cayenne, I just saw Tun Mahathir driving a maroon Porsche Cayenne S bearing the registration MM1.
Damn, that old man looked 20 years younger in it!

HRH Princess L

Juz got back frm Harvard alumni/club din @sunway lagoon hotel, key note address frm Tun. topic on globalization & he looked fabulous & he didnt not ride in the cayenne.
;-( only the boring v6 lah.
However, muqriz or mohzani's porsche showroom (dealership)near telawi lah.

p.s. if i were 2drive a cayenne, wuld make me 20yrs younger as well? then i'll be a minor, not even a teenager? WHOAH!! KEWL!! NoT.


Thanks for the write-up. I will have to read this book now.

Didn't know that m'sia has the Escalade. It is a big honking piece of machine.

Have you heard the purring of the engine on the Cayenne? man it sounds sweet. But it comes at a very hefty sticker price... I would easily settle for the decked out VW Toureg.

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