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Saturday, May 08, 2004



I've been waiting patiently for a clearer copy of the Passion on the internet too... they're still mostly cam quality so i'll wait a little while longer.

I've heard some pretty good things about the movie from friends and relatives... although I heard it was gory and violent as well? Just goes to show what the real Jesus went through eh?


Gory and violent yes...
But Im sure most of us have seen worst.

Anyway, there was a joke about the movie;
Q: What would The Passion of the christ be called if Tarantino, instead of Gibson, were to direct it?

A: Kill Jesus


Haha...nice on the Tarantino take...

Btw, I watched the Making of the Passion and if I recalled correctly, it was an actress that played the role of Satan. The thing is although the Satan had a role during those hours, the Bible didn't really say much about what Satan did - at least not in the Gospels.

And yeah, Aramaic is a nice language - too bad, only scholars learn it now...and only a handful of them.


For a lighter side, do download Passion of the Jews by the South Park crew.


Passion of the Jew... hillarious! :D


I managed to catch this movie in SF, imagine the visual effect on the big screen... Kewlness!!


hi kaz,

The Passion was more than a movie, to me that is. It is sad, bringing tears, and pierce one's conscience. Especially when one is not doing a good job as a Christian....

Satan was not portrayed as so deceiving but rather a nuisance becos that is how he is to Jesus, he has quite little effect on Jesus. Not same for most of us though.

MAlaysia should screen it here and slap an 18-PL. Immature censorship lot.
Thanks for the good review anyway : )


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