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Monday, May 31, 2004



I remember reading somewhere that some of the most powerful kerises were made magical by cooling them in the vagina after being tempered.



the royal selangor pewter has a beautiful keris in it's line. i checked it in and brought it back here and it's one of my favorite pieces. lol, it's really a letter opener, but oh well. :)


Can you try hard to recall your source of reference Ash? I think we need to do a bit of research there...


Hmm, well, the vagina IS a mysterious and magical place...


My daddy had a genuine keris, but it was sheathed in a long cane, rather than in that short wooden sheathe you tuck into the waist of your samping. (What the hell are those things called?)

He did not take care of the keris. It rusted. I have no clue where it is now.


One of my 'must do' activity during my several vacations to Indonesia, particularly Jakarta, is to find a 'suitable' keris for my personal collections.It easy to find it there. However,if i do not 'feel' (sentuhan) in my heart on the keris i admired, i wont buy it..Finally i got it last year... not in Indonesia but Datuk Keramat - KL! Wow, without hesitate, I paid and keep it in my wardrobe ;-p
It is the only ONE I had since my 'searching' on keris for the last few years.. :-)


The keris is something that reminds me of an old and mystical Malaysia. It's a symbol of our roots. Of our ancestry. It's so much more interesting than the English swords, is my opinion.

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