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Tuesday, March 23, 2004



the installation is fast nowadays, and they have improved the services(they have to!) after so many complaints.
However, how stable is the line has no guarantee... read my blog if you want to know my bad experience. :)


I applied Streamyx last two Fridays at a Streamyx booth in PWTC (during MATA fair). I sign up at 3pm, got the call 6pm and they came to fix it at 8.30pm, all in the SAME day. A Superman job.


I wasn't so lucky with my offline application...more than six months and nobody came! But I registered online (heh - I am patient, eh?) and next week, Streamyx was in....am quite the happy surfer...grin...


I had to wait for a week. Lucky la u guys. Anyway what abt the new service offering (ADSL) from Jaring? But they don't have the license. How funny is that...

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