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Friday, March 19, 2004



We must all VOTE to strike a BALANCE, i.e. for the OPPOSITION. The BN DOES NOT need a 2/3 majority. They are slated to win, they can still bulldoze whatever bills they table in parliament with a simple majority except to touch the Constitution.

The point of POWER is in the PRESENT for the people now and this is the right time to make a change for the better. With more opposition eyes and ears, the BN Government can be kept awake and accountable all the time to bring down the cost of doing things. We need a change for an affordable LOWER cost of living for the masses - the essentials like cheaper (& CLEANER) water, electricity, food etc in order to have a decent existence for everyone.

Affirm our rightness in this universe (and not let the leaders take the lion share). Cast your votes for the POOR, the UNDERPRIVILEGED and the NEGLECTED.

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