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Wednesday, March 17, 2004



I wonder why he wasn't doing his job. Rightfully, you are wrong and have committed two traffic offenses. Didn't your good conscience at least pose the police some questions as to why you didn't get any tickets? You sound almost proud. Are Malaysians closer to being Kiasu than we think? I do hope forgetfulness was the reason why you didn't renew your license!


Whoaaaa..ur da man!!!! 2 years no license. Tera btol aaah..


Geez.....pass me the spell will ya? Though - I just got my driving license last September...yeah..at the age of 31...Better late than nevah...


2 years without a licence? Wow.


Kaz, since it's already been 2yrs, what's the penalty like? Didn't we have to re-do the whole test?


lolita: what do u expect me to do? beg the cop to give me two tickets?
honeytar: no penalty... i went to the counter and told them i want to renew my license... three minutes later, im done!


it's ironic!

Tengku Shahrizan

Only for 2 Years??

I know someone who has been driving around without a license for 18 years and counting!*hehe*
,but he has some island-west-of-Atlantic license that is even older and the written details on it have faded considerably and could be mistaken as hieroglyph!!!TRY DECIPHERING THAT!!! =D

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