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Thursday, February 26, 2004



KaZ: Eeenteresting points, bro.

Actually they make sense. Hmmm.

BTW, are you still on typepad?


i will happily eat my hat when #4 happens, though i don't expect to perform that culinary feat in my lifetime.


Hey! I agree on all points.

In the UK, the price of cigarettes are obscene!

And on top of that, increase taxes for liquor too. People who have money to throw away should contribute higher to meaningful purposes. :P


Ash: yup, im still on typepad!
Killuminati: as for now, we just have to dream bro... ;)
lurker: that goes without saying =p


The beautiful words of Peter Tosh, "Legalize it, don't critisize it."

lurker: ehem what increase tax on liquor some? *bloody looking for double barrel shotgun*


The goct increases tax on cigarettes and alcohol every year already. Don't worry. You'll get your obscene prices sooner than you think!!

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