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Tuesday, February 10, 2004



What if the people who wrote history books skew the story to benefit certain quarters and demerit others.

I don't think it's a case of what-if anymore - in Malaysia, Japan and US - school history textbooks choose to ignore portions of history and highlight others that glorify the country's past. The history our parents learnt is subtly different from the ones kids these days learn. It's a scary thing when what is reality today becomes someone's imagination tomorrow.


Like Prema said: we're all guilty of embellishing some point of history to some degree. Ever "creatively reconstructed" how the car got dinged, or how that bag was on sale at the mall? We do it at the micro level, so what's to stop others in power doing it at the macro?

Recommended reading related to this topic: Caleb Carr's Killing Time.


Never trust history, especially those written down. We don't have to ponder far, we can't even proof the authenticity of our own history.
Hardly anyone critisize, they usually glorify.
Ah I hate history, back in school and ever after.


The victors write the history.. So, it might be history but whose version of history? Yours? Mine? Theirs?


Luckily there are still sources of history in which we can still rely on.

Can we stop people from skewing 'history'? I don't think we can, especially if glorious, not truth is the motivation in writing history.

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