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Saturday, February 28, 2004



Rriight. You're in the horny phase, aren't ya bro?



Is there a horny phase? How come I don't feel the difference? Hmm...


Ahh, but don't forget...some people are always horny so there is no phase...:)

HRH Princess L

actually all phases can be related to sex.
physical sexually? very intuitive abt sex? intellectual on sex related topic(s)? emotional on sex (sexual feelings & healings)? hah...

kaz: you do look horny that night?!
The caterers didnt serve any oyster or escargos!!
Must have been the 2 danish girls!!! herks...

oh well, have a good week,
HRH (Her Royal Horniness) Princess L.


Yes your horniness...
Now it makes sense...! Here's a toast to a new branch of psychology... psychosexy! Who needs freud? hahaha..

Yes... They should've served oysters and lobsters and roast lamb... eerrghhhh.....

have a horny good week too... eh.. ;p

tengku shahrizan

I can't agree more with HRH.But I do believe that men are governed by their Id,(and some women too very evidently as our HRH demonstrates lol)you know, that division of the psyche that demands for immediate satisfaction for "primitive" needs, ergo its whenever,wherever and whomever.So what dictates the "ups" and "downs" of one's libido!your emotions?your ego?the moon??I reckon it's your financial situation!!NO MONEY aahhh means NO MANI laaa!!*hee*

Sharizal Shaarani

shahrizan: erkk what's money got to do with it? got to do with it? ahhh i see, only if you decide to use food as aphrodisiacs.

there are cheaper options available for you to have something to dictate your libido.

some people share internet porn.

and weird sickos hang around school gates.

tengku shahrizan

SHARIZAL: I might and could have been "cavorting" with the "inappropriate" stratum of the society hence the vestigial view of the big picture.

Ibid on Libido,that was done in jest and I was making light of a heavy subject although there are some truths in it(Money could be construed as and converted to power and power is a huge turn-on for some and "dimmed some").

So which is it gonna be for you, ladies and germs? What will get you "yeah baby groovy yeah" ,if you GOT no escarGOT?

Money?The Moon?or some other Mollusc?All have their own gravitational powers that'll get you in the zone.... but the only aphroDIZZYac that'll doggone do it for me is the...



that's it... the mind!
To quote Gabriel Shear, "what the eyes see, what the ears hear, the mind believes"

what ticks the mind? brainWAVES...! hence libidorhythm!

Tengku Shahrizan

KAZ:...Yess it's the mind...

...But i do desire palpable impetus too,like that godforsaken discontinued brand of cigar that you sir, have introduced to me and RR.

It's LOVE AT FIRST LIGHT for us and sadly we have but 2 left and you sir, are accountable for our already foreseen future misery of not able to feel and taste that cigar between these trembling lips ever again.

YES KAZZZ!M talkin bout them AVOdisiacs!!

Even Cohibas will fail to cajole this KuHiba(Tengku yg hiba laa)out of her funk!!!!So let us now discuss about LIVIDorhythm instead, shall we?? ;)

HRH Princess L

KuHiba: My Puros pun PUPUS!!

Kaz: order lah lagi puros indios #4

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