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Thursday, February 12, 2004



This is going to sound REALLY WEIRD. Your built is like my husband's. He's big and he used to lift weights (lately all he's been lifting is me). Ok MAJOR WEIRD coming on... the other day we were well.. in flagrante delicto and you crossed my mind... intentional? Unintentional? Felt sick after that. Not bcos of you but bcos I actually fantasized someone other than my husband at the time. Kill me!! ( ...i feel sick..)


i can't say I'm suprised a lot of people will fancy Kaz's good looks..yeah ;-D


Blip, yes. I'm just surprised Kaz hasn't responded to this comment!


Sophie... weird but im flattered anyway.... hahaha...
Some how rather "Hey Joe" is playing in my head right now... before anything happens, i guess its time to go down to mexico.

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