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Friday, January 16, 2004



The pictures are amazing!


The pictures are amazing!


I've been there once for a wedding..unfortunately did not have the chance to go sightseeing. :( Perhaps one day..
Being a seafood lover, Sabah is definitely a heaven..can't believe when the told me abt the price..damn cheap!!!
Got a shock of a my life...i woke up at 5.30am thinking it's 8.00am.


Alright dude, time to update link. It's futurekl.com/social/social.html now. I think the previous web host were brutally murdered as I type this.


Hey, cool pics!

I plan to visit Sabah as well (someday)...and your pics will certainly be a big motivation :)


i went to Sabah during the very last week of 2003. It's my most memorable trip, i would say. Deciding to be on shoestring trip, i managed to visit variety places around KK without much hassle. At around 6.02am, 27 of December 2003, i managed to get to the top of the Low's Peak. It's around 4095.2 meter above sea level. A pure bliss, and the most memorable climb. The weather is very good, temperature is around 9 centigrade.

Apart from climb Kinabalu, i did several activities in many places such as:

- Snorkeling at Manukan Island
- Getting a very hot shower at Poring Hot Spring
- White Water Rafting at Padas River
- Taking a train ride to one of the stop to Tenom, which is the starting point of our adventureous rafting :)
- Doing some serious shopping around KK, especially in Filipino Market

Managed to take around 1000++ images with my digicam and 'burn' about 14 rolls of film during my stay :)

Whoever wanna take a look the pics i took, perhaps we can meet somewhere in KL.

Last word (sorry Kaz, if my comment is too long :)), go visit Sabah, you won't be regret! :)


Nice, nice, nice!!! Now I know where to vacation when my piggy bank is full.


man i miss this place


unfortunately, i think i can't go sight seeing... but for sure, i'll be coming back there for a real holiday!


Kk and its surroundings is easily one of the best to visit in malaysia. it is simply beautiful. if u have not been there,

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