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Wednesday, December 31, 2003



sheesh dude it's a war zone out there!! :-D

and happy new year to you...


Singapore has become such a concrete jungle... U have to tilt ur head up (I mean really up!) just to see the sky... And the future (targeted) population is set at 6 million ppl!! Currently at 4 million I feel as though ppl are all running after me, past me, around me... We're literally on top of each other...


Now whats a 1960s map doing in your drawers .... are you one of the weird nerdy types that collect junk and watch trains? If you are, could you pls stop blogging trivia ... I could be doing something else more entertaining instead .. like having a shite!!!


Save and frame it up. It will be valuable for the future.


the Harradrim Assassins killed you already is it, so busy. Anyway futurekl is having technical difficulties, i think Fariz tak bayar bill. there might be a slight change of url. i'm waiting as well.


Hai, I am Sue Yen Ni, nice to meet you!!
I have some question to ask you, i hope you will answer it for me...
I am now is a student, and i would like to have more detailed map of KL, is that you have or not? actually, i am doing my graduation thesis which is about the greenbelt or about the location of the garden which KL have. so, i need the more detailed map's of KL. do you have? then i would like to have the old KL's photo also, is that you have it also? or if you know how to get them, would you tell me, please?
hope you will reply this mail for me, thanks for your help!!


Old KL map it's different and changed a lot. in case need map about sabah analytically and you need to guide and need make your person, one could notice this website and read him to obtain information further in www.maptoborneo.com, this website about the state sabah and sarawak and it it get help-you!


hi, can you email to me the better scan for kl old map.


HI could you please email me a better scan of the old kl map . Do you have any old photos of old KL?

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