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Wednesday, December 03, 2003



I had similar experience and then I change to another telco. But it not not much better. When telcos got big, they become arrogant. Ordinary motal like you and me are just numbers( life -less statictics to them.

On Monday,I went to pay my telephone bill at KLCC to ensure my hp is working. Owing to my higer credit limit and heavy usage, my hp is given a Club status.However, when I arrived at special lounge,I was treated without any club status at all:-(

From my observations, only small organisations are friendly.When organisations are big, they are not friendly anymore.



Had a similar experience with the same telco a couple years back. I guess it's all about the effort. When they've got enough bigwigs to please, they tend to forget the average Joes and Janes who really fill their rice pots, so to speak.

Don't give up, bro. Or you could, actually, and join me in my telco, LoL.


Bro.. uik.. 52cent also got barred? Pity u lar.. but changing telco for me is the most troublesome. Wish that if we could maintain the phone number when changing telco. There was a story on this somewhere on the net. It's been debated in the US now.


Too bad for you :). The systems are mostly computerised which means that they don't take the amount into consideration. It's all in the codes, meaning that if your outstanding balance is > the amount allowed (in yr case, probably 0), then the account is barred. However, it all depends on the business rules and the system itself. I know a major company with very strict business rule (amount & date of last pay). And it's not once they got big they become monsters, (I believe this too)- just once they have lots of clients they need to maintain one system which allows them to do the minimal upkeep.


you should have just shove the handphone down his throat..all that and they did not say sorry??


i've worked for 2 telcos before this.. in your case, your line shouldn't be barred.. poor you.. i think it's just not your day..


If u were to go personally and loom over the CO, the CO will probably unbar the phone in a jiffy!! Heheh

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