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Friday, November 28, 2003



Ichi the killer, yummy.
You could try using the MS-DOS, just type netstat. You could probably see packets in and out. In Windows there is a program call Netwatcher, I don't know how to activate it, or what is the filename of the program. It activated when I used BigFix.
Firewalls need to be configured. leceh


Yeah... but i need something more powerful... at the office i use this thinggy called LAN Explorer... preety cool stuff..


I get more than hundred spam mails DAILY. :/ Fortunely I have spam filter on web host.

Why not support freeware?
Try ZoneAlarm. The awards winning free personal firewall. :)


I'd say run the anti-virus first, and clean your PC, then configure ZoneAlarm. It works like a charm!!!


Maybe this might help :)



Bro.. cian u. Me got even thousands of spam daily. If you want, and if you guys are using Outlook (outlook express or outlook2000) you can subscribe to Cloudmark SpamNet. Free for 1 month, then its a subcribtion basis. You can contribute to them in building up the spam/junkmail address list. If you are using MS Office 2003, try out the new Outlook 2003. It came with automatic spam filter. Kinda neat. Been using for the past 2 months, no probs so far. Maybe there are other solutions.

Adware is neat too.. however, do update the signature file frequently.

Happy computing...


Already run the adaware thinggy... Nada...
Antivirus.. i need a new one... My norton "subsription" has expired
ZoneAlarm... yes.. heard so much about it... i think i'll get that...!


zonealarm works well. :) but when u see the amount of incoming packets, one gets nervous.

try SpyBot to search for adwares.


you might have a trojan horse.
i'd run ad-ware AND spybot first. they're free.
then get some decent anti-virus software and set up a firewall.

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