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Tuesday, November 18, 2003



this is g r e a t. i'd love to have one of this. but split over 10 person also... still expensive lah.... i guess i'd just have to bear those annoying ringing and phone chatter in the cinemas (until Kaz actually buys one - then if i wanna pinjam, can? hehe)

Sharizal Shaarani

i know where we can get a cheap one but still we will need to plug it in somewhere for some electric juice!


The Final Solution, there is a God. Now, the cash. I am already grinning at how many hp will I jam one day in the cinema. I am a happy man. The cheaper solution would be drinking before a show start, then you would have the courage to slap them silly. Yunus once slapped a girl on the leg, and she was terrified the whole show.


how much is the thang again?


Fu**ing cool gadgie, mate. No doubt.
Hehehe...how about waiting till the local market obtains the technology via reverse engineering! It'd be more affordable then ;)

Great work on the blog. Keep it up!


ted: chip in laaa.. get your friends to chip in as well! :)
vlad: yes, lets slap some asses!
blip: 170 quids
brendan: It'll take too long. Besides the thing is illegal according to the MCMC. BTW thank you for the complements :)

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