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Sunday, November 09, 2003


Sharizal Shaarani

Nice... err where were the chickas? You lied!!!!!! arrghhh lol


Screw the cigars man. Look at your fingers!!!!



Does coffee go down well with cigars? Won't somethin' sweeter will be better?


Sharizal: you're late... you're late!
Meesh: think KFC :p
blip: from my experience coffe goes very well with cigars... try to avoid anything fizzy. If you drink, a single scotch malt, port and rum would go hand in hand too.


Sounds like fum despite the rain huh.
I might be home in PJ in December. Hope to join you guys :)


You know what, I totally forgot that was the first Friday of the month. Too bad I only noticed it on the next day. Mont Kiara, prepare to bring extra visor for the eyes. Eyemo too. Roll it up, light it up, smoke it up, inhale, exhale...oops the wrong cigar.


Sorry guys, could not make it. Was waiting for the rain to ease up but no luck. Hujan kucen and anjin turun cam giler. Me and 3 of my buddies were stuck in my house, ready to go out but can't since our car is parked far away and no payung in the house.

Well, will try again some other time.

Nur O.

I was the one who confirmed of not coming, but the Cigar Co-op idea was too good to let pass. 'sides, the place was reach-able enough despite the heavy rain and I haven't had a decent smoke for quite a while. Brought a D-Corona Leon Jimenez which lasted 1.5 hours of pure bliss. Had fun and the crowd was really distracting me every few seconds....;). It was really worth the trip!


Just happened to drop by cos I'm so bored... Anyway, I'm green with envy with all tt cigar analysis. Quite the connoisseur aren't u? Oh well... such is life. Some things are meant to be enjoyed aye?


Kaz, awak ada pergi manicurist ker? dude your fingernails are intense!

Sharizal Shaarani

Diana you are welcome to join us at our next meet! and yes we have women
members too!


I wish I could dude... Except tt I'm away in this miniscule island u probably know where ~_^ Still don't get it? It'll take me ~5hr to get there by car... and err... I don't drive =D *bummer See, I like the feel of tarmac under my feet and the world's fossil fuels are depleting! P/S: And so is our water supply... Errm... Mine I mean ^_^

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