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Friday, October 10, 2003



Dell IS ubiquitious, KaZ, so I wouldn't be surprised. Or does this somehow reek of s conspiracy between the Bavarians and Michael Dell? Is this also linked to video game consoles, with the PSX (not the PSone) debuting behind the Xbox?

Are we also doomed to another series of X-Treme movies and sports? (cue XxX music)

Am I insane?


I wouldnt be surprised if it is just one incident, but to follow the progression exactly... hmmmm
and yeah, Dell made a few hints of their next handheld in line. It is called Axim X7. Across the pond, the Bavarians are designing the 4 wheel drive version of the 7 series. It will be called... (you guessed it right!), the BMW X7

The Mighty Jimbo

i would be very interested in that car if it ever makes it to the states. love the x5.

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