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Thursday, October 02, 2003



The event forced me to wake up early,
WALKED KILOMETERS to nearest LRT station... TODAY!


why do they have to close roads? what can't they just use the traffic police
more efficiently as it is i think we have more traffic police than crime
fighting police :(


Thanx kaz.very helpful info.Now i know where to head during hols.NOT KL


I spend an hour yesterday trying to get to my workplace because I missed the cut-off time by 5 minutes. I got so close. So very close. In fact, I was at the end of the road where my office was located. But they wouldn't let any traffic through. And this was my THIRD attempt at going to the office. So I ended up in a Starbucks in a shopping centre having breakfast for one hour while watching Sex & the City on my laptop.


mmm...traffic 'misfortune' from a mixed of:
- infrastructure mismanagement;
- uncontrolled development;
- unsustainable off-the-shelf masterplanning;
- etc, etc....
anyway, OIC, Welcome to M'sia! the model Islamic bolehland...

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