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Friday, October 10, 2003


Aizuddin Danian

Actually, the Monte sports a dark natural wrapper. Next time i'll bring a maduro wrapped cigar - its nearly black in colour.

Yeah, i noticed you were having a bit of trouble with the draw. But you had a smile on your face. That counts for a lot, eh?


i can't say i've ever had a bad Montecristo.
i usually try to smoke two before judging a new cigar in case i got a bad one.
right now i'm enjoying a Arturo Fuente Double Chateau Fuente.
i've had sour Fuentes before, but it's rare.


You are right Aiz... my mistake. My mind was cluttered with coffee, chocolate and maduro cigar while writing the review :)
As for the smile, a monte will always be a monte... even a bad one :))

Steve: Yupp.. probably mine was one in a million... my first monte sent me to heaven and back :) This was my third.


Hey Kaz.. do you all, err share cigars during the cigar meet? Takkanla masing masing smoke sendiri punya... no fun , and less variety?


Fooji: we trade cigars, we dont share cigars as in passing them around like a Navajo smoking ritual or something like that.. :)
No fun? well you need to join the clique my friend. Even if you're not a cigar smoker, you'll have fun alrite ;)
Its not much of a variety thingy, each cigar has its own character and you would savour the cigar (if its a good one of course) until the end.

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