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Wednesday, October 15, 2003



My childhood ambitions were scientist(read a lot of science related books) and engineer. I end up study computer engineering and work as programmer now. :)

Suresh Gnasegarah


When I was small, I wanted to be a garbage collector. So I could hang out of the truck. I still think it's uber cool

God dammit, I miss the days of the pink minibuses

Sharizal Shaarani

my younger bro wanted to be a fireman, he recalls liking the uniform and riding
into town on a red truck with sirens seemed like a fun thing to do! :)


Come to think of it, yeah it is kinda fun riding in a red truck with sirens on. Weeeeeeeeoooooo.... weeeeeoooooo!!!
Make waaaaayyyy for the fire truck!!

Oh yeah, now i remember why i wanna be a fireman... The sliding down the pole bit is ultra cool...!

Come to think of it... the uniform and the pole... that's kinda kinky too... ;)

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