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Friday, October 03, 2003


Sharizal Shaarani

I think you need help. We'll talk more tonight! heheh


I got the "You are a Musical Thinker" thang also...

maybe we should start a band!! ;-D


I had a very imaginative childhood. Used to scare myself with gloves... but no imaginary friend


I am sure you don't wanna meet my imaginary friend.


My imaginary friend is myself - sort of the 'ideal' Idlan in my own eyes. So I find myself asking questions to 'myself' like.. what would Idlan really do in situations like A or B or C

And btw, good choice for the song. Heh :)


In a cafe, either I talk to someone or I read book if I am alone.Sometimes, I just write.
When it comes to my imaginary friend, I am more like Idlan.


omg i'm not weird anymore!

Lonely Planet

I had a bunch of imaginary friends. Maybe 20 or more.. Each with their own and unique character.


I had a whole bunch of imaginary friends too. They left when I went to boarding school, partly because I met Mr Jones too! Funny how he seems to be a friend to a whole lot of
people. Anyway. Some people think I'm an extrovert, which is so weird.

Since I hang out with myself a lot. My imaginary friend, he doesn't say much nowadays.
But it's good to know he's around.

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