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Friday, October 31, 2003



Thanks for the review, bro. Am going to watch it tonight!

Watch out for my review, coming soon!


I'd like to recommend a few good foreign
movies you might be interested. I won't
give a review , but they are numero uno.

1. Grand Central - Brazil (Portuguese)
2. Train of Life - Yiddish
3. Shall We Dance - Japanese

Nizam Zakaria

Hey, perhaps you would want to read by review of the movie here:



Read pretty much reviews of it, but never watch it though. then again, I have not been hunting for DVDs yet. I heard there is so much homicide in it, certain people will get sick after the 50th homicide. The same ministry of culture that banned Simpson's episode where Homer were kidnapped by a cabbie driver in Brazil, actually approved this blood fest. Talk about being bias eh? I shall watch it nevertheless, or probably borrow it from you.

But there is some short review on certain foreign film (could be good, could be bad). Here is the link:

http://www.ruthlessreviews.com/movies/d/denverfilm2003.html [ruthlessreviews crew, my favourite boys, although not professional, I like their brutal honesty. Ha ha]


Ash: Enjoy the movie
Soli: I'll try to source them out... sounds interesting
Nizam: Cool review, i think your rating is justified.
Vlad: Whenever u need it, gimme a buzz bro....


Oh yeah talking about child actor, I bet no kid could beat the one in Omen I


Hey kaz, thanks for visiting my webbie and inviting me for the Movie Blogger thingy. Sure, i'm intersted.

just a warning tho'. Im not a good reviewer :)


IMHO, a review is when you watched and you review. It's yours. Don't have to be good or bad, after all there is so many reviewers out there, professional or not. So hafiz, cheers and I hope my good words to console you can have me borrowing Empire Records. He he bad bad Vlad


MUahahah vlad.

COme to subang then :)


I thought this was a great movie. thought some of the scenes were a little too much for me to swallow. Super awesome!

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