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Wednesday, October 08, 2003



Hm...big win for the Republicans.
But actually, unless the United States change their constitution, Arnie can't run for president because he was not born in the USA. But it's still a while before he'll need to decide to run for the post and by that time, things might have changed. Looking at the support G.W. Bush got, I doubt the Republicans and Conservatives will mind much if Arnie is president.

Sharizal Shaarani

yay for arnie!


I think the reason they chose Arnie is because they were frustrated at the
current government in California. What is the better choice than opting for the
film star? He He He I do hope local actors learn from the lesson! :)

((Thanks Kaz for bringing the Imaginary Friends article - I just started back
surfing blogs -after hectic schedule last week and this week - btw my IF is a
real person hehehehe)))


Anybody who can say "I'll be back" with such a thick accent gets my vote lah!!!I'm really intrigued as to what Arnie has to offer! This is better than most of his movies... and that's saying quite a bit since I actually do like his movies.... hahha!

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