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Friday, September 19, 2003


Sharizal Shaarani

oh yes it is sexxeeh


I would rather not play dirty, and admit we are still
volumes behind......
what is Mahathir thinking? Would badawi oveturn that


Nationalism is not free. Take Proton and Perodua. Protecting these two national icons has cost the public a lot. The problem is will the public continue to support the move to protect these two national icon ?

A related question then is how come these two producers are called national icons worthy to be saved? The public was not given a choice. The choice has been made by Mahathir….

Bevause I think the majority of the public wants a cheaper car…after all when we buy cars…we are paying them out of our own income.

So, we are paying for Mahathir’s choice.


stuck in a gridlock are we...? Support the national icon and the money goes to the govt, dont support the national icon and you still pay (via tax) to the govt.

I guess what the public want is not cheaper cars but value for money.


thanks for da links

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