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Thursday, September 25, 2003



Thanks for the tip Kaz. Fyi, I have been reading the papers to check out the ticket details when it comes out :-) My sis say it is a MUST go ... takut become like the first time Kenny G came to Malaysia. Tickets were sold out within 10 minutes !!!


Hey, Kaz thanks a lot dude. :-) check this piece of news .. Looks like Chaz wouldn't be wearing all those piercings and has to cover his tattoos :-) hahaha ...



Hah. Only now I realise why all the good bands decide to give us a miss and head off to our neighbour's instead. And no MTV Music Awards and the likes hosted locally, too.


hey.... if you happen to have a celcom subscription (i was thought you do),
and I was told you do can you get me two RM 127 tickets :p hehehe


celcom just had to blipping do this! blipping unjust!

if you look at the map there's even a section called
"celcom inercircle" which is blipping right smack in front..


I hope everybody caught the stripped version of
'somewhere i belong'on Hitz ...the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism.
should have listened to that one.

got to go to the doctors again today for a brain
x-ray becoz the last time
i checked my brain is bigger than a blipping peanut!!!

anyway i hoped the band will scream and jump
their heads out as I will do just that on Oct 15th!!!!

rock on people!!


Now only you know, it has been like this forever. Too many requirement from us.
That is why every god damn band skipped us. Some people just won't change for you, because we are not worth it. Malaysia is definitely not heaven, why should they apply to our nuinsance rules


Why did they chose Malaysia over Singapore?
Because their album sales were higher (300,000)
here than in Singapore (90,000). Do the Math! =)

Can't wait to be there...on a RM102 seat.


any idea which hotel LP'll be stayin in..?


guys sorry to break it to you but tickets are sold out on axcess.com
im trying to get tickets for my friend but i cant buy them.....must be
cuz their sold out....


Numb: no idea where they'll be staying... perhaps JW Marriot? of Mandarin Oriental?
Hellbound: try Hard rock Cafe KL



It's Jojo organising so they would be in Concorde.

I'm not suprised though after the concert they would be hanging around in HRC.

The last time No Doubt was around the Security in PWTC keep tellin' us to go to HRC as well. And Jojo brought No Doubt in as well...


Now why didn't i think of that....?
You gotta point blip.... you gotta point....


Hope the concert won't get cancelled or sumthing, coz i already bought de tickets man!!!!

LP big fan

malaysian goverment.. sux big time.. wat? can't scream, jump or wear short pants? which songs in linkin park album they don't shout? ehehe my december? maybe v just see linkin park perform 'my december' and?? haha.. stupid authourities..

place 4 my head

anyone of u know where to get 1 freakin' ticket? i'm SO DESPERATELY in need of it RIGHT NOW!!!!


there will 3000 tickets available tommorow at the Stadium. Maybe you can get there if you're early.

I suspect it would be the RM127 standing tickets they're selling off..

BTW..check out my blog for LP going tips..enjoy and leave a comment if you have a tip!!

and I have a giddy feeling that they will be having dinner in HRC tonight...

Pointz of authority

Yeah--There are sure to be tickets at the concert--there always are!!

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