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Sunday, September 21, 2003



my younger brother is going..

:D might tag along too..



Nah, no one would interfere, I think. Linkin Park is considered quite 'harmless', actually.


I am going to watch. They don't have any swear words in their songs, so it shld be okaty


See you guys at the stadium...


Does anybody know where I can get the tickets? Are they on sale yet?


info on the tickets should be out by the end of this week


I remembered the first time I heard 'crawling'
the sound is so creative and the words are so
disturbingly beautiful.

there are a few bands that manage to get me
interested in music again...

when their music was ruling the airwaves, my friends
and was is HRC practically almost on every weekend
jumping our heads off..

thuogh the HRC bands usualy play a bad rendition, but
we had a strong imagination to make it work!

..people around the club was pissed with the jumping
and headbanging
but we couldn't care less.

We are hearing songs that makes mainstream playlist
listenable again!!!

truly wonderful that they will be coming here!!

can't wait for OCT 15, can't imagine how my Oct 16
would be....most probably i'll be walking with
crutches to work!!


blip: Maybe we have bumped into each other at HRC... :)
Anyway... I guess I will be using the priviledge called "annual leave" on the 16th :) or should i take 15th off too..? hmmm....


take both days off! it takes the whole day to gel
the hair! hehehehe...

we might have bump to each other, or i might have
stepped on your feet when i was jumping!!... ;-D


Coldplay is harmless too, but never made it here. Sigh.
The Roots, now that is one gig I would want to go to.
Surprise surprise, DJ Jazzy Jeff would be spinning at HRC it seems, but what difference could it make, when there is no Fresh Prince. Most probably showing his turntablist skill.


it's based on album sales, this is why it's important
that fans buy original albums..there is also
more linkin park record buyers compared to coldplay.

I hope I could also see more brit bands, but I don't think
the sales of their album is quite good here..

I do envy the singaporeans though they get to enjoy a lotof concerts.,


Well.. someone once said that Singaporeans are more willing to fork out a sum of money to see a concert. :/ Brit bands don't really make much here.. majority of stuff come from the States.


Yeah, lets bring coldplay here... or maybe radiohead...
Foo Fighters would be awesome... and counting crows... awww heaven...!


KaZ: I hear ya bro. Heck, I wouldn't mind going to a Michael Buble concert, if it came to that.
As for LP, maybe I'll see ya there thru the magic of annual leave too? (If I can part with Xbox..hehhe)


where to buy the tics ah?

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