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Tuesday, September 16, 2003



they may have the same owners, but they have different people manning them. the ones manning jaring are still in shock, me thinks. i think tmnet got a sucker punch as well, i'm willing to bet that they lobbied the govt to merge jaring with them, but did not expect the pm to announce the price cuts on broadband either. now they're trying to backpedal, with tmnet folk today saying that it'll take a few months to effect the price cuts.


just came across over here and still keeping the
eyes on it. Nice blog and nice photos!


As expected, any cut down, it will take ages. Any increment, they will raise it as soon as possible. Feel like robbing cigarette supplier.


Mawar: thnks for dropping by... :)

Vlad: The British American Tobacco Office is near the Rothmans roundabout in PJ. Wanna break in? :)

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