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Sunday, September 28, 2003


Sharizal Shaarani

LoL You are now officially a fugitive!

Bad boy!!! Bad boy!!! Better renew license tomorrow lol


In the meantime I'll be wearing an afro hairdo with a pimp suit


You sped off?What if they gave a chase?
Young man,please do it again.Just pay the fine.
A few years back, I was stopped for speeding and the police asked for my driving
licence. confidently,I gave and then he came close and told me that my licence
has expired.

In front of me, there were a few cars have stopped and their licences and particulars w
were taken.Then I saw the cops eyes looking at my small boy sleeping in the back seats.
I aplogised for my negligence and forgetfulness not to renew my licence.He told me
to wait a while so that all those cars in front of me have gone.At that time, I
donot know what to expect.

"Okay,you can go now",the cop said to me. I said thank you and Thanked Allah for
His Mercy on me.

So, stay low for a few days..


My typos again.Pls change "do it again" to " don't do it again" in my comments above.

Thank you.


Thank you for the advice abedib... I shall renew my license.
By the way i did not sped off... I just drove away.. slowly.



Be careful next time. This year, I was driving with my license expired for almost 1 month without realizing it. Luckily nothing happened.

Go and renew it bro.

Sharizal Shaarani

Kaz, cheh still giving excuses! heheheh dah lah tuu salah tu salah laa :)
hehehehe i am so the devil's advocate today.... need coffee (and maybe a


KaZ, i think u are being too nice by giving left signal :)

i was stopped by the police last saturday for speeding above 80 km/h. the policeman kept on telling me that the ticket will cost RM300. i told him to go ahead and ended a note that smoking is not good for health (he was puffing his cigarette while talking to me!). heh, and guess what! he let me go ... :D


Years ago, my English teacher's son done the same thing on a roadblock. The trigger happy cop shot one bullet right through the seat and the head. You were lucky they didn't bother. Then again, way to go. Damn the man!

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