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Sunday, September 21, 2003


Sharizal Shaarani


Aizuddin Danian

Where did you get it from?


A friend gave it to me a couple of months back... Dude was so happy, "Hey I got some Cohibas's... you want one?" I said, "yeah, want the heck".
If I can remember correctly, his friend got it from Hong Kong.

Aizuddin Danian

Received this clarification email over the issue from a well-known cigar site:

"I checked with our buyer on this and what he told is that we have the newest
band for the Cohiba. The cigars are made by General Cigars and they have
been making changes to the label. Cigar Aficionado even mentions that
General is changing the label."


But this one is a sure poser.
Taste like one of those cheap european cigars, and the tar deposit is enough to pave an airstrip.... OK im exaggerating, but really... good cigars shouldn't have tarry deposit.
BTW the band look cheap too...

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