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Tuesday, September 30, 2003



Great to hear that things r on the up 4 u...


Hi Kaz - liked your view on your hectic business presentation and the awareness of God's hand. I too do the same thing - ask God to be with me, and for me to accept his will before going into stressful or important meetings.

And it always amazes me the difference it makes between those times I forget to acknowledge Him, and when I do. Our Bible is full of verses that remind the believer of this - we are not so different as we think :)


I am happy to hear that you had secured the project!However, I am happier
and grateful to Allah swt that you relates your success to Allah's will.
On one project, it took me TEN YEARS to get.But,it is Allah's will that I
got it after ten years with double the size.(profit as well).\

Referring to the ayat, everyone will be tested.Rewards will be bestowed on
those who are patient and grateful.



Congratulations! It's always wonderful when stuff that you'd worked hard for, with prayers, and guidance from
Allah bear its fruit. May everyone of us prosper with our career and life.


khalil: thanks..:)
Zman: I believe, if we put all the little differences aside, we will be the same. Afterall our purpose in life is to achive something and live happily in this world and when we are done here, we all want to go to heaven. :)
Abedib: This is not the first time it happens. Anyway, I believe everytime we want to do something, be it a job or a project we must make sure the purpose for it is for ibadah and we do it because of God. Even if we did not get the job at the end, our efforts would still grant us pahala. :)
Haxa: thank you...

I will write another post about another verse we all should remember.

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