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Sunday, August 17, 2003



WOWWWW! I Love your photo albums! Great works Kaz. Are you a professional photographer?
I need your recommendation what camera to buy.At the moment, I am using cheap Kodak camera DX3500 that I bought during a sale for RM 888. My budget is not to exceed to RM 2000.I have my eyes "terbeliak" set on Olympus and Sony with 5 Mega Pixel.Please recommend. Thank you.


Abedib, thank you for the compliments :) unfortunately im not a professional photographer (although i'd love to work for National Geographic).
All the pictures were taken with my Canon Powershot S45. Perhaps I will post some scanned pictures from my SLR.
I would recommend the Canon Powershot S50. A nice 5megapixel Digicam with lots of features to play with and yet easy for a beginner to use. In a couple of months time, the price will drop (hopefully) below RM 2,000.
The Olympus range is quite extensive and impressive too. If you are really serious get the Olympus UZ series.



Thanks for your advice.On Sunday , I managed to cough out RM 1999 for Oympus C750 digicamera.I like it because it has 10X optical lenses.Now, I am experimenting...you can see some of my graffiti works at my blog's snapshot album.

Thank you.

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