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Wednesday, August 27, 2003


Aizuddin Danian

My current stash:

2 Hoyo Epicure No. 2 (fantastic smokes)
1 box of Avo Domaines (yup, the one you tak beli i beli - haven't tried them yet)

Did you get the PS Medium Filler (with the large "PS" letters as the band)?

Or did you get the other Private Stock - the one with the dark red band? I'm thinking about getting a selection of the dark red band to compare against the PS Medium Filler. Let's compare notes.

Aizuddin Danian

The PS you bought is the Medium Filler one.

The red band Private Stock uses long fillers. May result in a slightly stronger cigar. I'll buy a box of those robustos. Will trade you one for your Medium Filler one, if you're willing.


Correctomundo señor... the PS Robusto is the Medium Filler. Will definitely trade with you, no problemo.
You bought the Avo Domaine? laaa, I save the last Puritos for you my friend. Nevermind, you can still have it. :)
Hmmm... must try the epicure no. 2...

BTW, since najah is goin to melbourne, shall we ask her to get some smoke for us. My suggestion would be Zino Mouton Cadet No. 6 box of three. Selling price at Davidoff's is RM 115, duty free @ RM 85. ;)

Aizuddin Danian

Actually, both are "Puritos" - the one i bought is "Domaine" while the one you're referring to is the "Classico". :)

I've got a friend flying back to Penang this weekend. He can get us some stock; just take the train to the satellite terminal, pick up the cigars on his way back. He's coming home on Monday, so we'll get our stock sooner than if via Najah! :)

Alex (yat.ch) told me that the H Upmann and RyJ seconds there are selling for RM250 a box of 25. You wanna split that cost - I pay RM130 for 13 sticks and you pay RM120 for 12 sticks. Which one you nak? H Upmann or RyJ??

Or alternatively, we can splurge - Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 1 box of 25 for RM900. Hehehehe...

Aizuddin Danian

Hoyo Epicure No. 2 - damn mahal, RM60 retail. I got 3 singles for RM135 because they had slight damage to the wrapper. Doesn't affect the taste, but visually not so cantik lah. Can trade one with you for either your Don Diego... :)


Yes.. yes... both are puritos... the domaine is stronger.
Hmmm... Yes we can split... problem is, i dont have the space to store them...
errr your humidor dah sampai ke? ada bilek kosong? boleh sewa...? hehehe
hmmm... Looks like i have to buy a humidor.
since i had bad experience with H.Upmann, i'd go for RyJ. BTW what are the sizes (for the H.U and the RyJ)?

Aiyooo wanna trade with my Don Diego? I had to decline the offer la. I have been dying to smoke it since my friend gave it to me a couple of months back. And the occassion to go with it is next week's CBM :)
Well... maybe next time.

Aizuddin Danian

My humidor dah sampai! Actually sampai on monday but i haven't had the chance to pick it up yet - got to go to KLIA customs office to get it. Kena tahan - its a wood product so kena tax 30% of the total cost price.

Still works out to be a pretty damn good deal.

This is what i'm getting:

Humidor Torino
Adorini Lighter with punch cutter built in
Adorini double bladed guilotine cutter
Adorini two-finger stainless steel cigar carrying tube

Price (after incluing tax) = RM650

The Humidor Torino alone is retailing at The Havana Club (the only place i've found it so far in Malaysia) to close to a RM1000. And the Adorini lighter is retailing here for RM200+. So i think i'm getting a pretty good deal.

Well, i shouldn't count my chickens until they hatch, so i got to see the products i received first before making a full report.

My friend is flying back to Penang tonight. He will pick up our box of Romeos for us.


wah you all damn alot money to burn ah!


did u have history about Mat Kilau?
if have why i cant find?
anybody help me?!!

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